South Point Casino Hotel - False Advertising - NOT Looses Slots in Town

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Beware!Tight Video Poker & Slots at South Point Casino

I am a local regular (9 years) at South Point Casino and up until last week played there at least 3-4 times per week for an insane amount of hours.

I know for a fact (because I was there) that South Point changed the chips in their video poker machines this year (2013) and cut way back on labor hours. I and other locals have noticed a significant change in play and are now looking for other places to gamble. Not that it will matter much to the owner of South Point, but I do plan on sending him a complaint letter about his decision to tighten the machines and chase away the locals. The best thing we can all do is not play at South Point until they loosen up the machines.

I for one have sworn-off South Point all together. In my opinion, what they’ve done is the same thing as cheating. As for the Hotel itself, the rooms are fine and pricing satisfactory. South Point also offers many decent restaurants, but try to avoid eating at the Coronado Café.

If you are coming to Las Vegas to gamble and you’re looking to win at video poker or slots, you’ll have a far better chance of winning at another casino.

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